Appnana Bot – There Is No Such Thing

Appnana Bot – No such thing

There is no such thing as an Appnana bot. Let’s just put it to rest. Who can actually verify that they’ve received millions of Nanas just by clicking a few buttons? I have yet to see anyone gain millions of nanas. What you see out there on the web are scammers who are only in it for themselves.

I gotta admit though, their websites are pretty top notch but, that’s the only thing they got going. The only thing that’s going to happen when you click generate is them making money off of you. That’s all.

You type your Appnana invitation code, click generate and everything seems to be working. The loading bar comes on and then a box pops up with offers you have to complete to get the generator to work. I have yet to see anyone do this and get points.

What’s Really Happening?

appnana bot

Well, everything on those websites is a show just to get you to do those offers so that the owners would get paid. These sites are run by foreign people who can give two cents about your time.  They get paid quite a lot too and you’re stuck with a false hope.

Now they’re incorporating fake credits too! They’re actually adding an extra step to make it feel even more authentic.

Don’t have enough credits? Well just wait until the system resets or…You know what? You can just do ONE of these offers and we’ll give you a credit/key/code to use!

Also notice how many of these Appnana botting sites look the same or very similar? It is called a churn and burn site made specifically for the ignorant and innocent people.

What to do?

Just leave those sites and never go back. You can’t hack the system, trust me. No one is going to give you millions of points just by clicking. There has to be a cost and sadly, you’re paying for it. Stop investing time in their sites and get Appnana points the normal way just like everyone else is–you complete the small tasks/offers or invite friends to join through your Appnana invitation code. It’s easy to get the 15,000 Nanas and once you’re done, share your code here on the site.

What to Look Out For In A bot

Appnana bot fake surveys and offers

Surveys, surveys, surveys. Offers, offers, offers. All of these fake website will have these, PERIOD. If it gives you an offer, it’s fake. If it asks to take a survey, it’s fake. It’s that simple really.

When you actually do complete a survey, the offer company pays the website a commission, so the more there are, the more they make and more we all lose.

It is best to avoid these immediately if you’re wondering.



Other Appnana Botting Sites to Avoid

I can make an endless list of botting sites to avoid but let’s start with the most popular ones on Google: Fake Appnana Bot Site 1

Looks awesome! Large fonts and buttons. Beautiful design but. Click generate and it starts spinning and loading up its special “modul”. I didn’t misspell that by the way. Scroll down and you see some comments authenticating it’s working and then a counter showing how much Nanas has already been generated. It all looks real and exciting right?

Click verify and you know the deal. More offers to complete.


 Fake Appnana Botting Site 2 is also your typical fake botting site. They even added extra features just to lure you in even more–Email on Delivery, number of bots, etc…All of which does nothing. After filling your information it’s going to tell you that you don’t have enough credit. The only way to get more credit is, you guessed it, do some offers. Fake.


 Fake Appnana Bot Site Number 3 looks very similar to also. It’s extremely mobile friend for those using their smartphones. To lure you in, it shows you how many bots they have online and it’s always 1024. Seems legit.

When you click Bot My Code! it takes you to another page to verify the last remaining humanity you have left and shows you another popup with more offers to complete. Fake.
 Fake Appnana Bot Site 4

Again, another copy of a copy. not only has a similar design, it even uses Appnana’s brand-name for their website. You can read the crap-information that they have about their “unique” bot. It sounds interesting and authentic but it’s far from it.

Once you click Get Started! you’ll be taken to the typical page where you don’t have enough keys to make the software work. Of course, when you click to get a key, the site tells you that there are “0 Instakeys Left” (interesting name by the way)

Click on Get A Key and you guessed it, a page of offers.

Fake. Fake Appnana Bot Site 5

This site has a beautiful design. I personally like it a lot. A site like this, for any first-timer, would look believable and real. The animations are great and the “live-stream” sidebar really does the trick. This site would be the epitome of a proper Appnana hack site. However, all those names are simply a list of pre-generated usernames and sadly the live chat doesn’t work.

When you click to generate, it loads and does its usual awesome animations and shows a manual step to complete which contains offers. Fake.

Great looking website though. Fake Appnana Bot Site 6

This site doesn’t even have its own dedicated domain but rather, they built it on a Weebly template. You’ll have to zoom out on your screen to see the button to Bot Your Code. Click it and it takes you to an ad site. There’s no need to bother this one.





This is definitely not the end of the list of fake sites. I will continue to add more throughout the year. Until then, continue to follow the rules, just do the damn Appnana offers, continue to share your code and invite your friends to join.

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