Appnana Code Bots – Are Fake

Appnana Code Bots Are Scams

Hey guys, I thought I’d write a post about these so called Appnana Code Bots and how awesomely fake they are. These sites are indeed getting more and more elaborate on their efforts to scam as many people as possible. I am hoping to help some of you avoid these sites.

Flowify Codebot Shame

Flowify Codebot

One Appnana code bot in particular is Codebot by Flowify. This site is an extremely beautiful and brilliant site so, kudos to the web designer. You guys did a wonderful job but, unfortunately you’ve wasted your talent by lying to your own visitors. Shame on you guys for also encouraging your viewers to participate in hacking. I’m glad Appnana and Youtube are cracking down on you guys and hope your website goes down also.

Anyone supporting them, you guys should give up. There is no such thing as an Appnana bot that’s going to give you millions of nanas for clicking a few buttons. Just follow the rules and earn like everyone else is.

Appnana Code Hacks

There’s also no such things as Appnana code hacks where you can get tens of thousands of points by entering a certain Appnana invitation code. I’m calling you out

There is absolutely no special Appnana code out there that’s been hacked or can be hacked for thousands or millions of points. There is also no Appnana code generator but, there are sites like Reddit and where thousands of users like you and me can share our codes and use codes to earn 2500 nanas. You can also use the Appnana code lists on sidebar of this site or input your own also. These are all free Appnana codes that anyone can use and earn a few points on top of what you already have.


The only way to properly and effectively earn points is the share your Appnana codes on sites that I’ve mentioned above. Don’t go searching for hacks, bots or generators because they don’t exist. I explain more about them here. You can keep trying to find that “working” hack but it doesn’t exist so please stop feeding the fire of scams.

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