Appnana Hack Tools – Please Avoid At All Cost

Over the recent years, more and more “hacks” are appearing for Appnana that never works because they don’t. That’s it. None of them work other than to steal your time or money if you’ve paid for these Appnana hack tools.

It’s time to be smarter and start avoiding all these fake sites as much as possible. There are no Appnana tools whatsoever and the Appnana company backs this up on their website too:

Appnana Hack Tool - Fake

All Appnana Hack Tools Searches Are Fake

Pretty much 99% of what you see out there are fake sites like the ones below:

Appnana Hack Tool - Fake 1

These Appnana hack tools all pretty much do the same thing. Tell you that you can add millions of Nanas by clicking a few buttons. Think about it though, who in their right mind is going to give you millions of dollars basically for free? No one is and that’s the same here. No one is going to give you millions of Nanas for clicking a few buttons.

And even if they’re able to somehow create a hack tool, they wouldn’t give it to you in the first place. If I had a million dollars, I am for sure not going to share it with you for free. Also, imagine what the company would think when all of a sudden, your Nanas spikes up with 10 million Nanas overnight. Yeah, red flag and BANNED.


Here’s what you can do as an alternative to your hacking life. You can start by earning Nanas legitimately by doing the offers in the app. You can also go here and add your invite code so others could use. You’ll get Nanas that way too. You can even create a Youtube channel or website and share your Appnana code that way.


Please stop feeding into these sites that don’t work because they are polluting the fields so, whenever you come across one just simply leave and don’t bother them please.

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