Appnana Nana Generator – Assume Everything is Fake

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog post here then, I’m here to tell you that I don’t have a Appnana Nana generator nor does anyone for that matter. You’ve been duped essentially and should stop Googling for generators that don’t exist. Trust me, all the sites out there with their pretty designs and realistic animations are just that–pretty. They don’t do anything other than scam you and make money for someone else.

Appnana Nana Generator

Think About It

None of the appnana nana generator sites above work. First of all, think about it…who’s going to give you thousands of Nanas, let alone millions, for clicking a few buttons? Who’s going to actually give you money for doing nothing? Maybe your grandma but the truth is, no one. NO ONE. Life isn’t that easy and people work hard to earn something. You can’t just breath a few breaths and roll in the dough.

Also, don’t you think the developers of Appnana would already know about these “hackers” and have some sort of security measure to combat them? I mean if they didn’t, Appnana¬† shut down within a few seconds due to hackers abusing the system.

And, if someone did ACTUALLY find a way to hack Appnana, why would they even let you know? The odds are against you.

AND last but not least, at the most you can get 20,000 Nanas. Let’s say the hacks do work. If you all of sudden acquired hundreds of thousands of Nanas or even millions in a few seconds, wouldn’t that raise a red flag? Ban for life I’d say.

Analysis of An Appnana Nana Generator

Let’s dive into what makes these sites so appealing to many visitors. First, a real-fake generator site will have a fake-live feed of Nanas being generated currently. For example:

Appnana Nana Generator 1

Less developed fake sites can’t afford this so they just simply opt for a simple design interface like below:

appnana nana generator 2

These sites operate the same even though they don’t have the live feed. However, they still have really smooth animations. Some also opt for a comment section:

appnana nana generator 3

These comment section add to the overall realism of these fake appnana nana generator sites. Some even have real-looking Facebook comment section to up even more the legitimacy of their sites.

appnana nana generator 4

However, when you click on the profile pictures or name, it takes you nowhere. FAKE. Cool-looking but fake nonetheless.

What You Can Do

Here’s one good thing you can do–share this post and help spread the news that there aren’t Nana generators. Do things the right way and stop feeding these fake websites!

appnana nana generator

How to Earn More Nana Legitimately

Do what I did–make a website and post about mobile games and share your code. That’s it really. And if you would like to read more about that, check out my post here.

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