Free Gift Cards With Shopkick

If you go shopping a lot then this app is definitely for you. Use Shopkick actively or passively, it doesn’t matter because right when you enter into a store, you automatically get points. You can then use those points to redeem free gift cards with Shopkick.

What is Shopkick

Shopkick is an app that allows users to earn money on side from one of the daily things that people do–shop.

How To Earn Free Gift Cards With Shopkick

There are four main ways to earn Shopkick points for all your gift card needs. Utilize all these methods and you can get your gift card in one day guarantee.

Walking Into Stores

Believe it or not but Shopkick has a GPS feature that allows the app to know when you’ve walked into a store and reward you. This is a great passive feature that is automatic, which is very convenient especially if you shop a lot.

Scan Barcodes

free gift cards with shopkick 1Once you’re inside a store you can earn a bit of points by scouting and scanning barcodes of certain items listed by Shopkick. Just simply go right up to the item’s barcode and scan it using the app and that’s it! Depending on your store, you can get as much as 1000 points just from scanning barcodes.

Scan Receipts

So you decided to make a purchase but did you know you can get an extreme amount of Shopkick points from taking a picture of the receipt? So don’t throw your receipt away because there are certain products that can earn you tons of points.

 Earn Gift Cards with Shopkick via Scanning ReceiptsSecret Tip

Share Shopkick With Family and Friends

The last method is most effective when you’ve earned your first gift card. Show it to your friends and family and they’ll be more encouraged to join you. When they do, simply give them your referral code like shown below.

Earn Free Gift Cards With Shopkick - Invitation Code 2

Is Shopkick Legit? Proof

Of course it is! The picture-proof below shows a few gift cards I’ve redeemed. As you can see, I’m also a shoe person and have redeemed quite a bit from Footlocker.

Earn Free Gift Cards With Shopkick - Proof


All in all, I hope this post gave you some insight on how to earn free gift cards with Shopkick. If you’re a shopper then this app is definitely for you. If you’re more into just staying at home and earning gift cards then you can try Appnana.

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