Free Gift Cards With Appnana

Now Earn 10,000 Nanas for Signing Up!

I’ve joined up with Appnana years ago which is evident by my invitation code (Y363957) being under the 1 million user database. Up to this point, I have definitely earned well over 1 million Nanas,  have cashed out many times, and have redeemed many free gift cards so, what you see now is what I have currently.

Appnana Current Points 2018

Appnana was made purely for gamers so if you’re not into that genre, I wrote about another program that deals more with everyday stuff. However, Appnana also has other rewards such as Paypal Cash as an alternative if you’re not into free gift cards like iTunes, Xbox, PS4, etc…

Ways to Earn on Appnana

There are a three ways to earn on Appnana: 1) Offers 2) Videos 3) Inviting friends. The later would be the best but I’m going to assume many of us have social anxiety and don’t have much friends. IT’S A JOKE. However, I’ll explain on how to leverage that in a bit.


Offers are the crux of Appnana and apps like it. They’re tedious but they do their job of giving the most nanas if you hate inviting and sharing your invitation code.

The first step is earning your first 15,000 nanas so you can start sharing y0ur invitation code. Once you have that down you’ll only need 75,000 nanas to earn a $5 gift card. You can easily reach 45,000 by completing 18 more offers at 2,500 nanas per offer. That’s already a $2 gift card, but focus on these offers primarily and do small ones on the side. You’ll reach 90,000 nanas in no time.


Videos are cheap and short so don’t spend too much time on them. They give you only 5 nanas so, it’s pretty weak.

Sharing Invitation Code

I would consider this the other crux of Appnana however, it has a different approach. The best way is first get that $5 gift card and let your best buddies know that you earned through Appnana and they’ll flock over like chickens.

Once you’ve depleted your friends you can share your code on Youtube. Its really simple, just make a 30 second video with the title “Earn $5 Free Gift Cards Today With Appnana” and voila.

Proof in the Pudding – Earnings?

There wouldn’t truth if there weren’t proof in the pudding right? Here are some of my Paypal Cash I took out from my Appnana account.

Appnana Earnings 1

Appnana Earnings 2

Appnana Earnings 3

Appnana Earnings 4

If you’re wondering about the weird name, yes, that’s what they call their Paypal business name. Shady? Yes. Legit? Yes. Scam? No. Real? Yes.

How To Sign Up With AppNana

If you want to get started with Appnana, please follow the instructions below. Signing up will be pretty simple even if you’re on android or iOS. When you join, you automatically get 10,000 nanas also.

Step 1 – Go to your App Store or Google Play Store

Step 2 – Search Appnana (Android) or Appjoy (iOS)

Step 3 – Install Appnana

Step 4 – Register

Step 5 – Click on Get Nanas

Step 5 – Get additional 5,000 Nanas

Step 6 – Start Inviting People to join


After inviting 5 people to join Appnana also, you’ll immediately get another chance to input an invitation code and earn 2,500 nanas instantly.

Bonus tip

Use the online shout box here and let others know about your Appnana code. There are hundreds of visitors each day who are looking to add your code today!

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