iTunes Gift Card Generator Do Not Exist – Try This Instead

Ooo, wow, ahhh, so pretty right? And maybe real too?! WRONG! Free iTunes gift card generators do not exist. Period. Please stop feeding into these sites. When have you ever gotten free stuff by clicking a few buttons? It’s like, if you won the lottery and decided to give all your money away for free. Although that might be a nice cause, it’s not the smartest thing to do.

If you want a free iTunes gift card RIGHT NOW, you should use the PocketFlip app. If you do it properly, you can even earn a free $10 gift card right now.

  1. Use your phone and visit the link here:
  2. Install all the subscription offers and that’s it.

Once you get all your points, just simply open up your account and unsubscribe before the trial ends. Don’t do the game offers because they’ll take forever to finish. However, do the easy ones where you need to only install and open the apps.

If you do it properly, you can get a free iTunes gift card or whichever gift card you want in just 1 day.

iTunes Gift Card Generators – Behind the Scam

These sites are meticulously designed for the very purpose of dragging you into a world slavery. They make you earn them money and give you nothing in return. Of course the design looks authentic, but that’s the whole point of the system; it’s to convince you that it MIGHT works.

itunes gift card generator

Ooo, wow, ahhh, so pretty right?’ And maybe real too?! WRONG! You already know how it goes right? You submit your information, click and some crazy animation happens and boom: please complete at least on survey to get your gift card.

Not only that, check out the real-live feed back and reviews at the bottom! They’re so authentic and real! Ooo, wow, ahhh. WRONG! Please avoid these sites and get iTunes gift card the real way either buy purchasing or through PocketFlip.

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