The Only Way To Earn Free Gift Cards

No list, no Swagbucks, no surveys. I’ll show you the ONLY way PROs do it. If you’re done with doing tasks, downloading apps, doing offers and surveys then keep reading. Most if not all those sites showcase a list of apps and websites you can use but, they all do the same thing–take you to surveys and offers where you have to earn points. 

The Secret – Referrals

This is how the pros do it so, I’m going to show you that the real money is not in getting points and doing surveys but in referrals. These are people who sign up using your referral code from anyone of those survey websites like Swagbucks and whatnot. They join through your code/link and you get a little commission.


This is going to be about capitalizing on mobile games and I know there are some of you who aren’t interested in mobile gaming but, for now, this is the channel I’ve used to earn free gift cards.

Appnana Earnings 1 Appnana Earnings 2 Appnana Earnings 3 Appnana Earnings 4

Youtube – If You’re Poor

For Youtube, you create a channel showcasing all the gift cards you earn for many games and use Appnana or any other cash apps and invite others to join.

Youtube is a great way to start your journey into growing your gift card earnings. It’s free, popular and you can stick with this method for as long as you like.

Youtube is so popular that you can easily get your content out there within 24 hours compared to a website which may take some time. You don’t have to branch out unless you want to. New mobile games are always being released which gives you every opportunity cash in on the hype as the popularity rises.

The Gist of It

Just simply create a Youtube channel about gaming and whatnot and do 1 to 3 minute reviews on the games and then tack on “how to earn more ____” and fill the blank with the in-game currency. Add your Appnana code in the description, rinse and repeat. For example, “how to earn more gems” for games like Clash of Clans.

Do this for new releases games especially, even the ones that aren’t popular and you’ll profit easily.

how to easily earn gift cards

This is something I’ve been doing and many others are to but not so much the point where you can’t compete. There are only a few views but it takes me less than 5 minutes to create these 1-minute long videos. So, I end up creating a few and schedule them for release later on. Multiply those views by a few hundred videos and you have yourself a never ending stream of referrals.

Sometimes, you get games like Clash of Clans, Summoners War, Lineage II that explodes in popularity so, you know there will be a lot of people looking for ways to earn more in-game currencies. Those are the best games to cash in on when you jump in on the right time.

Awesome thing is that your views will only increase as more gamers join and that’s where the trend is going.

Tools To Use

  1. A mobile phone
    1. I have an iPhone but you may have an Android, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Phone Recording App
    1. I use Techsmith Capture but you can find any free “screen recording” app on the store and use it to record your gameplay.
  3. Video Software
    1. I use a free software called, iMovie but if you have a PC, use Windows Movie maker. Keep it simple and free.

Pro Tip

Earn a good amount of points for Appnana and record it and attach it to your gaming videos. This will let your viewers know that it does work and they’ll likely join under your referral code.

Need a Headstart?

If you need a sample video of your earnings but don’t have enough to show, I’ve uploaded my own earnings sample video (about 30 seconds) that you can use and attach to your own personal video. You can purchase the video below but, I made it cheap just to help keep the site running.

How To Earn Free Gift Cards with a Website

You create a website about mobile gaming or whatnot and and showcase your gift card earnings for those games. You use Appnana or any other cash app and invite others to join.

Using a website is almost the same as Youtube. The only difference is that you have everything written instead of on video. So if you’re a writer kind of person, you can use this technique and capitalize on it.

The idea is basically the same. You create a website and write about mobile games or games and showcase your earnings so others can join. For example, if you search “get more gems COC” you’d see something like this:

how to really earn free gift cards

Two Ways To Do This

There are two ways to go about this–the free way and paid way.

  1. Free and faster way – free but limited to only blogging
    1. Pick a mobile game. You create a website on or other blogging platforms like or etc…
    2. Pick a name for your blog with the game title in it, i.e. “” or whatnot
    3. Write 1 post about it.
    4. Rinse and repeat for other games.
  2. Paid way – paid but you can do whatever you want with the website
    1. You purchase a domain
    2. You purchase hosting
    3. Install WordPress
    4. Write away

So as you can see one is less complicated than the other and if you’re new, you should try out the free way first and then once you get the hang of it, try the paid way. The paid way is only good if you’re really picky about establishing your own brand and all that. I won’t go into details because it’s a completely different post for another time but, you get the gist of it.

If you really want to go the paid way, the guys at Wealthy Affiliate can help. They got a whole community of people who’ve succeeded at building a passive income with websites and not just gift cards. This isn’t as quick as the above methods so, tread at your own leisure.

Lists – Are Overrated

how to get free gift cardsYeah, just give me a list of 40 places where I can do even more surveys. As if I’m going to waste my time. I can’t even stick to one, why would I even try 40? Props to whoever went through all that but let’s face it, we don’t have time to go through all that just to earn a few cents.

Free Amazon gift cards? Here’s a list of 10 sites. Want free Xbox gift cards? Here’s a list of 20. Want free Steam codes? Well here’s a list of 30 sites on how to earn them and so forth and so on, you get the idea.

Fake Gift Card Generators

All those generator sites are called CPA (cost per action) sites and they make money off from you when you complete an action or survey. They have to look neat and pretty for you to join of course. Therefore they’ve even implemented realistic looking live-stream earnings (fake) so they can steal from you.

You’ve probably fell victim to them a few times so, I don’t have to explain it in details. If you’ve searched up how to get more Robux for Roblox then you’ve probably seen these sites. Same thing if you’ve searched Appnana generator.


All in all, this is how you really earn free gift cards without surveys and all that mumbo jumbo stuff. Scammers and many bloggers don’t want you to know this but the more you know, the better you can avoid these sites so they’ll starve and die.

If you found this post informational, please share and comment and let me any questions you got. Peace.

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